Vehicle Conversion

The SpiroLux team are fully experienced in a range of different vehicle conversions – from single decker buses to double deckers and campervans and everything in-between.

Transforming vehicles into unforgettable experiences – that’s one of our specialities at SpiroLux. With our exceptional vehicle conversion expertise, we turn ordinary vans into extraordinary camper vans, ensuring your adventures are filled with comfort and style. But we don’t stop there.


Unique Bus Conversions

We also take buses and breathe new life into them, creating party buses that ignite the night with excitement and mobile stages that elevate any event into a captivating spectacle. From customized interiors to innovative designs, our vehicle conversions are tailored to make your journeys and celebrations truly unforgettable. Get ready to redefine the way you travel and entertain with Spirolux vehicle conversions.

A fleet of our party buses are currently serving Margaritaville in Jamaica. These double deckers are kitted out with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, fully working bars and comfortable seating for guests to keep the party going all night long.

A Theatre On A Bus!

We were contracted by the Theatre Bath team to help them convert a Volvo Wright Renown single-decker bus into a fully fledged mobile theatre. The bus had a built in stage, full lighting, sound and projection system as well as a dressing room and tech booth at the back and the drivers’ seat doubled up as a box office.

The bus was hugely successful with appearances around the Bath area, as far South West as Plymouth and even a stint at the Edinburgh Festival where it won an award for the most unique venue.

The bus also won a Creative Bath Award for Creative Space.

The Spirolux Stage Decker

Our stage decker is a completely unique vehicle conversion. It enables us to turn up practically anywhere and be ready to perform within 30 minutes. To our knowledge there is currently no other vehicle like it in the UK.

To read more about our Stage Decker and to see how it might be a good fit for your event pop on over to our dedicated Stage Decker page:

Spirolux Stage Decker

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