St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School – Lighting Truss, Sound, Drapes & Paging System

Professional upgrades to enhance their facilities

Spirolux’s transformative touch extends to educational spaces, where we recently embarked on an inspiring project at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School.

The main hall underwent a remarkable transformation with the installation of a motor-operated truss, revolutionizing the versatility of the space. A new era of visual engagement unfolded with a cutting-edge projector and screen setup. Illuminating every corner with brilliance, carefully selected LED lighting fixtures helped enhance events in the main hall. We also provided a new sound system, enriching presentations and performances.

The pinnacle of connectivity emerged with the installation of a cross-site paging system, facilitating seamless communication across the school premises via a powerful Dante network.

At St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, Spirolux’s installation prowess unlocks the potential of spaces, fostering an environment where innovation and learning intertwine harmoniously.

ClientSt Mary Redcliffe & Temple School
TypeLighting, Sound, Drapes and across-site paging