Jane Pinna

Office Manager


Jane Pinna serves as the Office Manager at Spirolux and brings her extensive experience and expertise to the company. With a background in property management, including five years at JP Property Maintenance and a notable fifteen year tenure at PM Property Service, Jane has established herself as a trusted professional in the field.

Having lived in Italy for a decade from a young age Jane discovered her passion for architecture and buildings which later influenced her career path. With her proficiency in property management, Jane’s hands-on approach and skill with tools have made her an invaluable asset to the company.

In addition to her role as Office Manager, Jane has always had a deep interest in theatre. Inspired by her daughter’s involvement in theatre for fourteen years Jane’s passion for theatre further blossomed when she met her partner Steve. Her love for the arts enhances her understanding of the creative world Spirolux operates in.

Outside of work, Jane enjoys a variety of hobbies including swimming, exploring new places, indulging in cinema and theatre experiences and savoring good food and wine. She also expresses her creativity through sewing, painting and showcasing her artistic talents.

As the Office Manager at Spirolux Jane Pinna combines her organizational skills, industry experience and passion for the arts to contribute to the company’s success. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that Spirolux operates smoothly and efficiently.

Jane will probably be your first point of contact when you phone Spirolux and she looks forward to helping you with your enquiries.

Contact Info

Email : Jane@spirolux.co.uk