Chief Barkitect and Canine Creative Officer:


Gizmo, Chief Barkitect and Canine Creative Officer:

Meet Gizmo, our four-legged maestro of mischief and canine connoisseur of creativity. As SpiroLux’s Chief Barkitect, Gizmo is the brains behind our most tail-waggingly innovative ideas. With a paw on the pulse of the entertainment industry, Gizmo ensures that every event is infused with just the right amount of playfulness and charm.

Having graduated summa cum laude from the School of Squirrel Chasing and Biscuit Begging, Gizmo brings a wealth of experience in sniffing out the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. His expertise extends to “barkitecture” – bespoke designs that transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary places, all while keeping an eye out for potential mail carriers.

Gizmo’s passion for the art of tail-wagging extends to every facet of SpiroLux’s work. From barking orders (quite literally) at the team to overseeing installations with a discerning canine eye, Gizmo ensures that every project passes the “paw-some” test. His boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm make him an indispensable part of the SpiroLux family, proving once and for all that creativity knows no species.

Chasing Squirrels80%
Eating Biscuits100%