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Professional Live Streaming

Using our industry-standard equipment we can help you live stream your event to a global audience. Our portable TV studio features state-of-the-art Blackmagic gear paired with our high definition Sony cameras, running over SDI cables we can capture and stream your event in full high definition to audiences wherever they may be.

Step into the world of real-time engagement with Spirolux’s cutting-edge Live Streaming services. Seamlessly connect with your audience no matter where they are, delivering your events directly to their screens. The advantages of Live Streaming are boundless. From expanding your reach beyond physical boundaries to enabling viewers to interact and engage in real-time, this immersive experience creates a sense of unity and excitement. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a captivating performance, or a dynamic workshop, Live Streaming transforms events into unforgettable moments, bringing people together like never before.

Professional Filming

Capture the essence of your events and performances with Spirolux’s professional recording services. Our skilled team ensures that every moment is preserved in high-definition quality, allowing you to relive the magic long after the event concludes. Recording events not only offers a valuable archival resource but also enhances your event’s impact. Share your content with a wider audience, extend its lifespan, and leverage it for promotional purposes. With Spirolux’s expert recording services, you can unlock the potential to elevate your events to a global stage.

Masterful Video Editing and Polished Productions

Take your content to the next level with Spirolux’s exceptional video editing services. We transform raw multicamera footage into a polished final product that captivates and engages your audience. Our skilled video editors seamlessly integrate multiple angles, enhance visuals, and add professional titles and graphics. The result? A visually stunning and cohesive narrative that encapsulates the essence of your event. Whether it’s a conference, a theatrical performance, or any other occasion, our video editing expertise transforms your recordings into works of art, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers.

Sensitive Live Streaming for Farewells and Remembrances

At Spirolux, we understand the importance of honoring cherished memories, even in times of grief. Our Live Streaming services extend to funeral and memorial events, offering a compassionate way to connect loved ones who may be unable to attend in person. With sensitivity and care, we provide a platform to virtually gather family and friends, ensuring that everyone can pay their respects and share in the remembrance. Our discreet and respectful approach to Live Streaming funerals and memorial services allows you to preserve the essence of these deeply personal moments while providing a way for those near and far to offer their support and love.


We are proud to partner with AJB Funerals, FW Jones & Sons, Dignity Group and the Cooperative Group  and help them support families with our live streaming services.

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